I've Heard Women Struggle with Upper Abdomen Weight Gain After TT, Can this be Prevented?

I tend to put on weight above my waist. I've heard of people devoloping upper abdominal bulges or getting fat above their waistline after getting a tummy tuck. One woman who is an athlete and claims that she hadn't gained weight said that she struggled with an upper abdominal bulge after her tummy tuck. Do you have information about this condition and how to prevent it? I don't want to have a really flat belly below the waist and a stubborn roll above the waist.

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Upper abdominal buldge after tummy tuck?

No most patients do not see this BUT when we tighten the muscles the abdominal contents have to have somewhere to go. It may raise the diaphragms a little and any excess peritoneal fat may create a little fullness. We excise all of the subcutaneous fat with the panniculus (apron) but peritoneal fat is your problem. Only diet and exercise will help that. It's more frequently a problem with men (beer belly). Just seeing the new flat tummy frequently supercharges your motivation to stick to a diet and exercise program. You'll probably have to but all new clothes also. That'll be fun.    Dr Foster

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Weight gain after tummy tuck

Without specific examples of before and after pictures or more details, it is difficult to answer your questions completely.  However, if a diastasis repair is not done at the same time as tummy tuck, then there may be an upper abdominal bulge.  This can also be the case the when the patient demands a "mini-tummy tuck" when a full tummy tuck was what was really needed.  Also, some patients have extra upper abdominal fat at the time of surgery.  This can sometimes be liposuctioned at the same time or as another procedure.  Finally, liposuction and tummy tuck do no prevent you from gaining weight.  Plastic surgery has to be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve the best results.


Good Luck.

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