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I am 18 weeks out from my TT and lipo. It is obvious, now that most of the swelling has subsided, that left behind on the upper abs is a fat deposit. I understand that this happens frequently because of blood supply and of course NO one wants complications during surgery. My real question is, do ps's view this as a normal "revision" issue. Yes, I realize I need to consult with him at my 6 month app in Sept, but I was curious if this is common if it falls under revisions or new work, so to speak.

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18 weeks post op Tummy Tuck surgery

Your look good! If you were my patient, I would ask that you allow yourself time to heal completely and not consider revision until everything has settled down.  I didn't see your "before" photos posted and that would be helpful as well because there are limitations as to what can be performed safely during the tummy tuck operation.  

Continue to see your surgeon for your follow up appointments and allow him/ her to take care of you.

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Liposuction after a tummy tuck

I do not do any liposuction of the upper abdomen at the time of a full abdominoplasty.  I discuss this with my patients before-hand and the ones that would benefit from it have this as a separate procedure either before or after the abdominoplasty.  I charge a separate, but discounted, fee for this.

Other plastic surgeons may address this issue differently, ask yours for his thoughts.

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Hello, Your abdomen looks great! But 18 weeks is still early to form final judgements.

If you find there is extra fat bulging it will likely be able to be treated with liposuction. Only your plastic surgeon can tell you whether he considers this to be revision or a new procedure. Policies vary from one case to another and one surgeon to another. Congratulations on you new look and good luck!

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Tummy Tuck Revisions

Doctors establish relationships with their patients and also establish their own policies.  I don't have any hard and fast rules as to what is considered a revision and what is not.  It depends on a lot of factors, but I do have a basic policy regarding this.  Revisions are sometimes necessary and if they are, patients are expected to pay for expenses beyond my control such as anesthesia and operating room costs if applicable.  If it can be revised under local anesthesia then there would be minimal to no cost for the revision.  You would need to discuss this with your surgeon and find out what their policy is regarding this.  Hopefully this was discussed with you or is included in your paperwork that was given to you prior to surgery.

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