Will I Need an Uplift or Just Implants?

Hello I am 23 with around a 34 C cup breasts,after the birth of my daughter they have gained alot of streach marks all around them which i hate,and also they have sagged alot too and i have excess skin. I am thinking about having inplants to make them look fullier and higher but im not sure if i would need an uplift too? I am also hoping the strech marks will look better,ironed out almost. Also my nipples have doubled in size,i would really like them smaller,is there anthing i can do about that?

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I just wanted to let you know that for questions like these, we always recommend that you attach a photo along with your question, so that the doctors can give you the most helpful answer. Attaching a photo will make it viewable publicly; if this is an issue for you, and you don't receive the answer you are looking for, please contact one of our board certified doctors here on RealSelf to schedule a consultation.


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See a surgeon for physical examination

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Sometimes, implants alone can give you a lift. However, to determine if this is possible for you, you would need to see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a physical examination. Your areolae can also be reduced at the same time.

Without seeing you in person or pictures it is impossible to give you advice on implants vs lift

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In order to be able to answer a question of whether or not a lift is required, a photo is needed.  
Stretch marks unfortunately don't get better
Nipple/areola can be made smaller at the time of your surgery

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Implants vs. breast uplift - what is best?

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Dear Sammy

From the information you provide, if your bra size is 34C it seems that your breasts are not small. Therefore, in this case, my advice would be to try to avoid an implant if possible. After your pregnancy and breast feeding your breasts have emptied out, and I suspect this will be especially noticeable in the upper part of the breast, above your nipple.

A breast lift (mastopexy) will tighten your breasts, lift them, reduce the size of your areolae (the coloured part around the nipples) and give you the upper pole fullness you have lost.

If you would also like your breasts to be bigger, then an implant would be necessary. However...as you point out, your breasts are saggier, your skin is thinner and you have less breast tissue. Implants will add weight to your breasts, and with the lack of long term support your thinner tissues can offer, the extra weight in your breasts will eventually lead to them drooping more in the future.

I hope this helps - good luck with your research


Can we please have you post photos?

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It would be best to see photos.  It is hard enough to know what the right answer might be with photos, impossible without.  From your description, which is typical of many women in your situation, a breast lift and breast implants would be a normal recommendation.  Best to see a BCPS and get an in person consultation.  Best of luck to you.

Will I Need an Uplift or Just Implants?

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It is close to impossible to answer this without a photo, except to say that reducing the size of the nipple/areolar complex is in itself a form of mastopexy which can remove some excess skin and can do a limited amount of lifting of the nipple and areola. 

A breast lift is usually done for one or a combination of two reasons:

  • to elevate the nipple and areola
  • to remove excess skin

The implant may fill in some of the excess skin, and combined with a circum-areolar lift (incision around the areola) may provide enough removal of excess skin,. But if the nipple and areola are too low, it may not provide enough lift.

If you can attach a photo, you will get more useful advice from the physicians here.

Thanks, and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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