Breast fold shadow; will I need breast revision surgery? (Photos)

Implants :Mentor Medical : Smooth Round Ultra high Profile / Right breast 430cc & Left Breast 400cc. Several concerns with my breast; there's a shadow/ fold, my areola's stretched, my boobs don't look symmetrical, randmly itch internally, surgeon struck my nipple so discoloration.I can't lie on my chest b/c of the constant pressure. My nipples have loss of feeling. Breast done in March 2014. Im 26 yrs now & concerned I might not be able to breast feed . Pls Help me w/ some guidance.

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When your started with droopy and likely tuberous breasts

how perfect do you have to be?  I would think you have a huge improvement over where you started from but also appreciate your concerns.  If you want better, revisions are needed and this is where it gets challenging as your lower side would be elevated with capsulorrhaphy and the recovery from those procedures are no fun - bra 24/7 for 6-8 weeks.  If you wish to down size, you could have lollipop mastopexies with capsule work and smaller implants... but if you're happy with your size, this is not an option for you.  Otherwise you could arrange with your surgeon to always qualify for the revision policy (no expiration for you) and live with it for the moment.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Misshapened breast augmentation results.

The images depict breast implants that are inferiorly and laterally displaces ON BOTH SIDES, left worse than right. This is repaired surgically, with or without ADM. (I prefer to not use the ADM for repair). The asymmetry of the areola shape seems to be the naturally acquired (God given) difference but it can be repaired quite nicely with a circumareolar reduction (aided with Gortex suture to prevent recurrent stretching).

Larry C. Leverett, MD, FACS
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Breast Revision

Good morning and thank you for your questions and photos! I would agree that you have multiple issues going on here. And to correct them, yes you will need revision surgery. I suggest you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person examination and don't be shy about getting more than one opinion. Then you can make the best informed decision about how you would like to proceed.Good luck to you! I think you will get good, natural results with the right surgeon.

Michael K. Obeng, MD, FACS
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Implants Too Big Cause Double Bubble

Hello,Unfortunately, if you want an improvement to your appearance, a revision surgery would be necessary, and smaller implants would need to be placed.  You simply don't have the capacity for these implants, and were either partially or completely responsible for you drop out/double bubble.If you choose to have surgery, you should have a few second opinion consultations with ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that specialize in revision surgery. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Breast fold shadow; will I need breast revision surgery? (Photos)

Hi and thanks for your question. It appears that your breast asymmetry may be secondary to bottoming out of the right breast implant with a malpositioned right inframammery fold.   You also appear to have a double bubble deformity on the right side as well as asymmetry of both areola in terms of size and position. These problems can be improved with an internal capsulorrhaphy and the use of an ADM to support the suture repair.  Make sure to find a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That's my best advice after 30 years performing aestgetic plastic surgery. Best of luck!
Richard Chaffoo,MD,FACS,FICSTriple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS
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Bottomed out implants

both your implants are bottomed out with a full on double bubble deformity on your right ( implant popping out under boob). You need some support in there. Sometimes you can just do a capsullorhaphy, sometimes you need ADM, depending on the strength of your natural tissue. Maybe a small areola reduction at same time since they are big and irregular.

Lisa Cassileth, MD, FACS
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Post op breast augmentation

the loss of feeling in your nipples can occur after breast augmentation. You might not be able to breast feed but that may not be related to your implants. If you are dissatisfied with your implants, seek consultation by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Susan Kaweski, MD
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