What Are Making my Eyes So Asymmetric? And What Can Be Done to Make It More Symmetric? (photo)

These photos are all taken on 5/7-12 which is almost 4 ½ months after my eyelid surgery... And I need as much advice and recommendation of what to do as possible...Thanks These pictures clearly states that my eyes are asymmetric but I´m going crazy trying to figure out exactly what´s making them so asymmetric ! Too much skin still? Too much fat? Weaker muscle? Too deep crease? Not deep enoguh crease? Ptosis? If, its not any of those, Please tell me what it is! Please Help

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I see a difference in the upper eyelid crease

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After any facial cosmetic procedure, there will minor abnormalities and asymmetries between sides.  This is completely normal and everyone has asymmetries.


When I look at your pictures, I do a difference in the height of your upper eyelid crease from your right and left eye.  This is call tarsal plate show.  It is the distance between your lashes and the first crease in your upper lid.  This may be a cause of the asymmetry between your eyes.


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