Can I Get Unwanted Tip Graft and Strut Removed?

Six months ago I had an open revision rhinoplasty to narrow my bridge and remove scar tissue from my tip. During my surgery, the surgeon added a strut and a tip graft, both of which I never agreed to. He said he did it because he felt like I needed more projection and I needed a point. Now my nose points downward and it projects outward too much. I want to get the strut and graft removed so that I can return to the way I was. Is this possible, and can it be done via a closed rhinoplasty?

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Can I Get Unwanted Tip Graft and Strut Removed?

  Perhaps but there will be consequences of removing the tip graft and strut from your nose.  The nose should be examined in person by an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon who understands and follows the proper aesthetocs of facial (and nasal) beauty and you should bring a copy of the last op report (Rhinoplasty).  

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Removal of Unwanted Tip Graft and Strut

Yes, your tip graft and strut can be removed. However, the technique for removal and the possible need for tip graft modification or replacement would be determined after reviewing your operative report and examining you. Alternatives should be discussed with your surgeon, but you should wait another 6 months before having additional surgery.

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Tip graft removal

I'm sorry you are having this trouble. It's really hard to answer your question with out a direct exam. In general though struts and grafts are sutured in and by now fixed with scar.  After they are removed it will be up to your tip cartilages to give you shape. Only your last surgeon knows what condition those are in and whether or not they'll be adequate for you.

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