Unusual Scarring After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I had upper eyelid surgery less than two weeks ago. One eye is perfect with the incision along the eyelid extending to the crow's feet. The other incision is half-way between the eyelid and the eyebrow. My doctor assures me that this will heal over time, but it's certainly going to take much longer than the usually quoted 2 weeks. It's certainly will be obvious for quite some time if not forever. Is this typical for this procedure? Does this look correctly done?

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Too early to make a declaration about a scar 2 weeks out from blepharoplasty.

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Your picture, I'm afraid, doesn't help me much.  The incisions should be close to the same level on both sides.  Nevertheless, time will usually allow eyelid incisions to become very imperceptible.  I'd check with your surgeon but if the scar is an embarassment, you could put a bit of make-up on for camouflage..

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