Is It Unusual to Have Loose Skin 12 Months After a TT?

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Tummy tuck

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It is not uncommon to have some loose skin after an abdominoplasty. The skin does swell after surgery and there is always some loss of elasticity.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Skin does eventually loosen after a tummy tuck

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Tummy tuck removed excess skin and fat from the abdomen, tightens the abdominal (rectus) muscles, and shapes the waist line.  However no matter how tight the skin may be immediately after the surgery, over time it will loosen.  This is inevitable.  Skin is elastic, it stretches.  As you age the elasticity slowly fades away.  So when you are standing up you belly skin is stretched and looks great.  When you sit down, the skin is unable to fully contract and from simple geometry, you are left with some excess skin that folds and wrinkles.  Everybody has this, no matter how fit and skinny they may be.  This normal.  This is not something to be concerned about.

Your pictures show a very nice result.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Loose skin 1 year after tummy tuck--Is this normal?

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Thank you for including photographs. It looks as if you have had a very nice improvement in your tummy area, but since you did not include pre-op photos, only you know just how loose and stretched your skin was BEFORE your tummy tuck. You have healed nicely, with good (minimal) scars, and now that a year has gone by, the initial tightness due to swelling has diminished as that swelling has gone away, and the skin that was more taut initially has softened and stretched under a year's worth of tension. Please understand that you still have skin with significant stretch marks remaining, and this contributes to the overall "less-than-ideal" skin tone that "defeats" your results to some degree, particularly when compared to your early post-op tightness!

Despite all of our best work in some patients, the genetics of the patient, and the amount and severity of the stretch marks, and the amount of over-time skin re-stretch and deflation can yield this kind of result. You should not be disappointed in your surgeon, and you should not blame yourself either--your own skin physiology and familial genetics bear the bulk of the "blame" here! Re-tightening via scar revision is a much-smaller operation, and this is something you and your plastic surgeon may wish to discuss! Best wishes!

Loose Skin after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the  question  and pictures.

Yes, some  “loose skin” is to be expected after tummy tuck surgery depending on the skin elasticity and the position that you are in. If the loose skin is significantly redundant and/or bothersome further excision may be necessary if it can be  removed  safely.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon to express your questions and concerns.

Best wishes.

Loose skin one year after tummy tuck

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Loose skin is relative after tummy tuck, and the degree of improvement, yes improvement, is best judged by your 'before' photo. Remember that tummy tuck was needed because of loss of skin elasticity, laxity, and stria or stretch marks. Tummy tuck will reduce stretch marks, reduce laxity, however elasticity cannot be repaired, and give you the impression of loose skin after a year of healing. Bending forward, or sitting will increase the looseness unless standing with good posture.

Best of luck,


Loss Skin after Tummy Tuck

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Without seeing before pictures, it is impossible to comment on the after pictures with specificity.  However, it does appear that you have loose skin and one year after the surgery, it is not going to get any better.  It would be best to address your concerns with your original surgeon.


Good Luck.

Is It Unusual to Have Loose Skin 12 Months After a TT?

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Since you posted only post operative photos very hard without befores to see what improvement you obtained. My bet is you look great. So in that regard the expectation of no extra skin is not realistic. Please discuss with you chosen surgeon. From MIAMI 

Abdominoplasty results

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Every plastic surgeon is slightly different in their approach to abdominoplasty.  I like to be as aggressive at removing excess skin and fat as possible.  However, it is a never ending challenge to achieve perfection.  If we are too aggressive with fat/skin excision, then a wound-healing complication is very likely.  If we do not excise enough, then we are faced with physician and patient dissatisfaction.  I do note in your pictures (thanks for including them) that you have residual stretch marks.  These demonstrate loss of skin elasticity.  Thus, it is nearly impossible to make your skin as tight as it was prior to child bearing.  Keep in close contact with your doctor.  Don't be afraid to address your concerns to him/her.  Their are important considerations with abdominoplasty that may not be apparent to those having the surgery.  I am somewhat more conservative in my excision of skin and fat in patients who have previously smoked or in those with a history of diabetes or other health issues.  I hope this helps!!

Jason Hess, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Some skin looseness okay

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Your photos show a good result. There will always be a bit of loose skin that becomes more visible when bending over, because you need a bit of laxity to make movement more comfortable. Plus, your skin relaxes with time. 

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