Is It Unusual After a TT and Lipo (Flanks) for Upper Thighs to Hurt?

I'm wondering if the pain I feel in my upper thighs is just pain radiating from the surgery area to a place where my nerves aren't numb. Or could it be the compression garments just pushing the pain down to wear I dont wear the garment? Its usually a dull ache but sometimes a sharp pain now and again, it's in my upper thighs almost directly below my hip bones. There is no bruising there. Thanks!

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Thigh pain after tummy tuck

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I assume that your thighs were not treated with liposuction.  If they were then that could just be normal recovery.  There are nerves that supply sensation to the anterior portion of the thigh that travel close to the hip bone that you can feel lateral to the groin area.  In a tummy tuck or liposuction case it is important to avoid injury to those nerves so there isn't pain in the thighs afterwards.  Discomfort in the thighs early on after a TT could just be swelling or irritation of the nerves and this usually goes away after a few weeks.  It is possible that compression garments are pushing too firmly on the area and causing some nerve irritation as well.  Your surgeon would be able to help with this.  If it persists beyond a few months the nerves could have been cut or injured from electrocautery and may not recover.  This is a difficult problem to treat and is best to avoid altogether.   Occasional sharp pains with a dull ache is probably just temporary irritation.  Constant burning pain is likely a more significant nerve injury.  Your surgeon is the best one to talk to about this.

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