I Am Dissatisfied with my Outcome of Size/visibility of the Upper Pole and Nipple Placement? (photo)

Im 20 5'6 147lb no kids i had surgery in Jan. I told her I wanted a VERY natural look! I went frm a A cup & had 420hp filled to 500cc under the muscle that she suggested. Should i take out 60cc or would that make my breast sag & need a lift would that make a big enough diff If the implants were place subfacial would i hav enough tissue to cover that upper pole better if i had her drop the pocket at bit lower the implants essentially making my nipple sit higher i cant affor 2hav them redone comp. should I have to pay for a revision?

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Satisfaction with breast surgery,augmentation, large implants

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joyou actually have at very nice result at this time..  with time and massage, your skin and muscle should strectch and the implants drop.. this may take a year or so for you.

removing some saline may help but waiting is a good idea, the hi profile with a smaller base were not a bad option for you but may look better with less fluid

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Dissatisfied with Breast Aug

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So many things to say. First, anytime you have implants placed you are makeng breasts larger and more un-natural. I do understand that patients want a "natural" look but this is all relative to the patient. Natural to you may not be natural to someone else. When you take a breast that is narrow and small like yours and place an implant that is too big, it can look very un-natural. High profile implants inherently will make you look more rounded and un-natural. Lower profile implants will be more natural. The proper way to size a patient is to check the base diameter of the breast and pick the implant that fits the volume desired. Being that said, I know exactly what your surgeons dilemma was. You have a narrow small breast and wanted to be big. You have to have a high profile implant to do that. The problem is it is nearly impossible to obtain the "natural" look you want with that big of an implant. They should settle over time but 6 months is long enough. You may need to have your fold lowered a bit to allow that big of an implant to settle and have your nipples in a better position. The skin over the lower pole will stretch with time. You do NOT need a lift.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Dissatisfaction After Breast Augmentation

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If your surgeon could lower the inframammary fold bilaterally without creating a double bubble, then I think that would improve the appearance tremendously.  Secondly, I would get rid of the saline implants and switch to silicone since, as silicone implants settle, they have a much more natural appearance and feeling.  I am going to assume that you were involved in the decision making process to use the 500cc implant.  At your height and weight, I think 500ccs might be appropriate if you wanted natural looking large breasts.  The nipple position is too low and directly related to the position of the bottom of the breast implant. 

Your plastic surgeon, I am sure, has her own policy with reference to a redo/touch up.  At the Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii, any touch up within the first 12 months is free of charge except for the anesthesia fee.  Your question about taking out 60 ccs and would your breasts be droopy, the answer is no, they would not be droopy. 


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Based on the pictures, without an exam it appears the implants are to large for your anatomy.  I would discuss your results with your surgeon.  You may decide that a smaller subglandular silicone Implant might work better.

Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

Dissatisfied with breast augmentation

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Thank you for the photos. You are 8 months out from you surgery and by this time the implants tend to settle as the muscle relases. It might take you longer. I personally believe that the size is too big for your chest wall and the implants are malpositioned. There's no way of making these implants look natural on you. The upper poles can be made softer and blend in with you upper chest wall by fat grafting this area. Work with your surgeon or get another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

I Am Dissatisfied with my Outcome of Size/visibility of the Upper Pole and Nipple Placement?

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As you ca read there are no exact answers. To me you look good but your happiness is paramount. Best to discuss in more detail with your doc. 

Breast augmentation revision

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I cannot understand the logic for overfilling the implants. Why was that done? Your posted photos show implants whose diameter looks too big for your chest dimensions. The diameter of the implants is just as or more important than the cc volume of the implants. The rectangular breast outline especially on the right and what look like skin stretchmarks are indicative of too large an implant. There is also some problem with the implant pocket because the the left inframammary fold was higher than the right before surgery and lower than the right after surgery. If the after photo is a reverse mirror image then the fold discrepancy is just greater after surgery.

Some of these issues should improve if you remove all of the excess saline.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Implants and appearance

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Implants look more "natural" with time. Early on they are often tight and high and with time as the tissues accomodate to the implants things get a bit softer.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What about this breast augmentation? (photos)

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You wanted a VERY NATURAL look.  You were the most natural before augmentation.  Breast implants are inherently un-natural, so there is a basic conflict between your stated goals and your desire for implants that must be reconciled before anyone, in my opinion, can recommend a course of action.  Decide what you really want:  natural, or augmented.  Overfilling implants narrows base width for a more globular shape, and firms texture, both distinctly un-natural.  Depending on your nipple to sternal notch distance, based on your pre-surgical breast shape, a better implant choice for you (my opinion) would be the LF type, for low height full projection, to match your elliptical breasts.  This would have provided for you great, yet natural projection (sexy) without upper pole fullness.  You will, under no circumstances, need a lift.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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High profile saline implants

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Breast implants are intended to give you more volume to your breasts.  That's it.  They should not change the basic shape of your breasts.  What you look like before the surgery should be what you look like afterwards, only fuller.  High profile implants are intended to give the breast more projection.  Unfortunately, when they are overfilled to their maximum, I think they can give too much upper breast fullness and look (and feel) like two softballs in there.  I think that may be the situation with you.  I also think that you are right about removing some saline.  If you removed 50-60 cc's, it would give you a better shape.  That would certainly be the least expensive option.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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