Can Unprotected Eyes Be Affected by Zerona Laser?

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Zerona Laser and Eye Protection

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It is always best to practice caution when lasers are used, no matter how weak the laser may be.  The 635nm laser of Zerona is very weak, in fact it is unable to penetrate through the skin barrier which is why there are so many folks out there who are very unhappy with their results.  Some physicians have compared the laser to the red light laser at the grocery store check out counter that scans the bar codes.  I would not advise putting your eyes into the check out counter laser, or the Zerona laser.  The question should be a moot point as the laser should never be directed onto the face (since it doesn't penetrate through skin, there is no need to direct it on, say, a fat neck).  Don't skip the Curva dietary supplement drink if you expect to see any results, as that sometime actually works.

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