Unpleasantly Rough Skin... Does Fraxel Help Rolling Scars (Wave-like Appearance on Skin's Surface)?

Not sure what type of scars I have, I'd say either boxcar or rolling scars. The thing is, the scars in my cheeks have distinct angular edges that make the skin appear unpleasantly rough especially when these angles are hit by light, so I'm very self-concious about my appeareance (don't even want to go out!) Does Fraxel help mitigate this and skin becomes smoother? Specifically Fraxel Restore, since I'm moving out and not many doctors offer Repair in here... Thanks in advance

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Fraxel is not enough for rolling scars.

I agree with Dr. Taylor.  A multimodality approach to rolling scars is necessary for these scars since the problem is the deeper scar bands in the skin.  Fraxel helps a lot, but I would do this after a combination approach of subcision and TCA CROSS.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel Repair, Subcision and a blending peel give the best results for rolling scars.

 A combination of  subcision, ablative fractional CO2 laser, a blending peel and delayed filler give the best results for rolling scars. Rolling scars usually have a scar band attached to the dermis.  Subcision, fractional ablative laser and a blending laser or TCA peel give consistently great results if performed by an experienced physician. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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