Unnerving pulling sensation when bending over - 8 mos post-op 255cc textured gel implants and lift to correct tuberous breasts

Under the muscle. A month after surgery, I got a weird pulling sensation in both breasts when I would bend over, like I could feel the implant slide, a mild tugging sensation. Went away in my right side & I've had no issues since. Never went away in my left. Doc says I'm fine (went 3 times for exams) I look fine; there is no outward indication that anything is amiss. It is a very unnerving sensation, only on the interior area of my breast. It happens when I lay down too. It feels loose somehow.

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Post Op Discomfort


It is not unusual for the implants to shift around a little with a change in position. If you have some nerve damage which hasn't fully healed yet this could explain your uncomfortable sensation on that side. Nerves continue to heal from 6 months to a year or more. If your surgeon has examined you and finds nothing physically wrong then hopefully the sensation will resolve over the next few months and if not, follow up regarding pain management and further investigation.

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Uncomfortable sensation after breasts augmentation

Dear Anon,

    Sorry for your problem. Without front and side view pictures or examining you, it is impossible to express an opinion about your concern. 

    If after 3 visits and discussions with your surgeon about your problem you still have that uncomfortable sensation in your left breast, your best option is to consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeon. This will be an objective opinion that most likely will help you to put your mind at ease. 

       There is a possibility that you might have capsule contracture and that might explain you discomfort . That condition can be improved by either implant displacement massage , initially, followed by capsulotomy (scar release) later on if symptoms persist.

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Pulling sensation from gel implants 8 months postoperatively


It's good news that nothing looks wrong externally. There may be some sensory nerve inflammation occurring, which may be responsive to NSAIDS like Naprosyn or Muscle relaxers like Neurontin. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon or primary care provider to try as options.

Good luck!

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Unusual sensation

If you have been examined multiple times and you have not noticed any changes, then it probably isn't going to change much in the future.  The implant does shift as you body shifts, though it is minimal.  This may what provokes the sensation.  You may try some gentle massage to see if you can get the feeling to minimize.

Camille Cash, MD
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If you have been examined three times and things look fine, then they probably are fine.  You do have an implant inside your body, which is foreign to the body.  Sometimes this can cause different sensations.  

Tyler C. Street, MD
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