Unnatural Results After Breast Augmentation?

Why do some post-op girls have that "frankenboob" look immediately after their breast augmentation surgery, while others look more natural? Mine look like snoopy boobs immediate after surgery, and there is a square like bulge on the top portion of my breasts. Does it have something to do with the technique?


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Excellent description. You obviously have a good sense of humor. I think you need to go in and discuss things further with your plastic surgeon. Hopefully, he is as personable as you seem to be. Waiting may still be the answer at this point. Try to work this out with your current surgeon. Good luck.

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Early on, un-natural is normal.

During our pre-operative discussion all my patients learn that they will look rather un-natural immediately after breast augmentation surgery. That is normal. Tighter skin and breast tissue and larger implants accentuate this. Mild relaxation of those tissues from previous pregnancies and breast-feeding minimize this.

The gradual change in appearance is caused by gradual relaxation of the width and radius of the lower half of your breast, under the influences of gravity and the weight of the implant. The improvement takes place over the first 6-8 weeks, and more gradually afterward.

Much of this happens to all patients regardless of surgeon, implant or methods and techniques used. (See modifications mentioned above). We monitor it during the post-op follow-up care. Talk with your surgeon during your visits.

As mentioned by other plastic surgeons here, if your breast, nipple and areola drooped too much before surgery, augmentation without mastopexy (lift) won't give you complete correction.

Sutton Graham II, MD
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Many things play into breast augmentation results


Right after surgery, things tend to look funny. This tends to get better with time. How much time relates to how much tissue the patient had to cover the implants and how large the implants are. Implant shape can play into this as well. Larger implants in thinner patients tend to look funnier at first and don't become as natural-looking as time passes.

The surgeon's technique and judgment are also important. As we become more experienced and have seen and done more, we get better at knowing how things end up. That is one of the things you pay for with a more experienced surgeon.

Early on, scary-looking boobs can be quite normal for your surgeon's technique. If you don't see your surgeon you may not know this however. This is one of the reasons I believe in personalized follow-up plans with my patients, so they can know they are doing fine and can relax.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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It has everything to do with patient selection, surgical judgement, and technique.

To stomachsleeper,

Hi. It sounds like

1) either your implants are too high in relation to your breast tissue,

2) or you needed a lift together with your breast augmentation.

It is hard to generalize, because there are literally dozens of details. Snoopy boobs don't sound good. You may need a revision in a few months.

What I do to try to avoid problems like this, is put the patient into a sitting position DURING surgery. Then I can see if the shape is great without any guess work before the end of the operation. If it is not great, I keep working.

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The immediate result is temporary

The immediate look after a breast augmntation depends on the size and profile of the implant inserted, the strength of your muscle contraction over the implants, the initial shape of your breasts, and the degree of swelling you have. Each person looks different the next day after surgery than they did on the operating table. Some a bit more distorted than others. It is important not to focus on this and follow your doctor's massage instructions and wait 2-3 months for most of this to relax away.

Side effect of breast implants: Natural look or not? What factors determine this?

There are all sorts of reasons why this happens and I have to give you an oversimplified analogy to explain complex anatomic interactions.

If you take a baseball and cover it with a silk sheet, you will see everything: a hard round, firm, irregular (stitching) blob that is very unnatural looking. IF however, you take the baseball and cover it with a thick comforter, the baseball will have a soft, mound like appearance that will create a more gentle impression. IF you change that baseball to a volleyball even under the comforter, it will look excessively large and round.

My point is: there is an interaction involving the implant (ball) and the covering (your breast tissues). Some characteristics of the implant we can modify (size, shape, composition of implants, surface) and some aspects of the breast we can alter as well (under/over the muscle, volume of breast, loose skin, position of nipple) while other things we can't. There is one other factor that is difficult to predict and that is settling of the breast. We generally know that implants will initially ride high. However as they settle, the implants will descend. Some more than others. But this is not always predictable in the short and long term.

Clearly the women you describe as looking natural, most likely had smaller implants for their bodies. The amount of breast tissue can also contribute to the snoopy appearance if it "drops" off the implant. To some degree, it is probable that your breast implants will descend but how much is the question. Breast implant displacement exercises may facilitate this change. I would advise avoidance of underwire bras which will maintain the superior position of the implants.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Early post-op look after breast implants

The appearance of the breasts just after surgery will often look very different than several months down the road.  Everything is usually tight and until things loosen up a bit, the implants can look a bit funny.

Steven Wallach, MD
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A breast augmentation will only give you a bigger version of yourself,

A breast augmentation will only give you a bigger version of yourself, it will not make you look like anyone else. The different shapes that you are seeing are due more to pre-existing anatomic differences than surgical technique. The snoopy dog look that you are experiencing is due to an implant that may be too high or a breast that is too low. The center of the implant should rest directly behind the center of your nipple. Too high and the nipples point down, too low and the nipples point up. If there is some pre-existing breast sagging that is not corrected at the time of surgery and the implant is placed below the muscle then the snoopy dog look, where the breast just hangs off of the implant is a real possibility. In the same situation an implant placed above the muscle will give a rock in a sock result. A thorough evaluation is needed to get each woman their best result. In your situation it is also possible, if you just recently had your procedure, that the implant will drop on its own.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Frankenboob? That is scary!

Square upper pole of the breast is something I have not seen so I can't comment.

The other issues have to do with technique, and muscle spasm. I tell all my BAM patients that the muscle spasm will start to relax after 3 to 4 weeks, and at that time, they will start to look better and more natural.

Also, this is more common when the implants are placed under the muscle.

Be patient; what you see, is not what you get

Without the benefit of examining you, I can assure you that what you see immediately after the surgery, is not what you get when it has healed up. Be patient and discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Generally, it takes weeks to months before the breast assumes it's final shape and size.

Darrick E. Antell, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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