Breast Still Uneven After Revision Surgery - Will Another Surgery Help?

I had implants in Aug 2008. The left one turned out to be a 'downer and outer', it dropped and sagged considerably. So in Jan 2009 my dr. did both a donut-aereola lift and capsulorophy of the sagging breast. It turned out higher than the right one. Its now 1 year and 6 mo post-op and this breast is still higher than the other one. Its noticeable in clothing too. This left breast is also naturally more to the left (than the right one is to the right) but now its higher too. Can anything be done?

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Breasts can be made symmetrical with revision breast augmentation.

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One third of the breast augmentation that we do are revisions of work done elsewhere.  So this is not a rare problem. There are no guarantees, of course, but with a meticulous, individual surgical plan, relentless attention to detail, and a good eye, things can usually be made right.

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Given the relative close appearance of your breasts now, I would suggest you stop now with a good result before you end up with a potentially worse problem. The enemy of good is better.

Asymmetry of breasts

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Asymmtetry of breasts is normal and you can never get them exactly the same.  The photo you posted makes it hard to evaluate the problem form that angle.

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