Liposuction Swelling Please Help?

I am currently 3 weeks post op from having lipo done on the entire back, entire stomach and sides, along with a BBL. The first week I has major swelling. The 2nd week I has none and now on the third week, the swelling started up again, plus it now hurts to the touch and feels like I have liquid buildup on my back and stomach. For the first 2 weeks, I was getting Lymphatic massages everyday which I believed helped. Is there anywhere to explain the unusual swelling? Please advised!

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Liposuction Swelling

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Thank you for your question. It is not unusual to have swelling three weeks after circumferential liposuction of the torso.  It is also typical for the swelling to decrease then temporarily increase as you begin to feel better and increase your activity.  The fluid build up is a seroma under the skin, which can happen and will need to be drained.  Initiating lymphatic drainage massage within 1-2 weeks of surgery was probably ill advised. While it made you feel better at first, it probably contributed to your seroma formation by causing friction in the unhealed area.  It is safer to wait a bit longer 4-6 weeks before trying massage.  The swelling will resolve with time.  You may need to adjust your expectations regarding your recovery slightly.  All the best.

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3 Weeks out from Brazilian Buttlift and Swelling

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  If you have a fluid wave when touching your skin, you have a fluid collection that needs to be drained.  If this is just swelling, this may be increased due to increased activity.  It will take several weeks to months for this to resolve.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA


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Thank you for your question, at the third week after your surgery its normal to still be very swollen, try to continue with your lymphatic massages, they will help you with the swelling. Holding back from strenuous activities will help minimize the swelling in your body to. as far as for the fluid build up that will need to be drained by a professional.

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I assume you have a doctor

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Why ask this on line? I assume you paid someone to do it -- if y ou don't trust them to answer your questions then you made a mistake. Ask the treating physician, you paid for their services.

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