Want to Removal Lip Filler. What Are My Options?

5 years ago I had my lips injected with some gel. The dr told me the it will disappear in 3 years, but its still here. Honestly, I have no problems with it (its even, no bumps, no pain or discoloration), but I just want to get rid of my big lips. So now I want to found what I have inside. Is there any procedure to test it? I would appreciate any advice. 

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Permanent lip augmentation

It sounds as if you might have had silikon augmentation into your lips. If it is still present at three years, it is likely permanent and removing it would not only be difficult but could deform your lips. I would seek consultation with a physician who has a lot of experience with lip augmentation.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Remove lip filler

Your doctor should have a record of what was used. In many cases, permanent fillers can be removed surgically at he expese of a scar at the wet line of the lip(s).

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
Oakland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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