Will UnitedHealthcare Injury and Sickness Insurance for Students Cover Breast Reduction?

I have student health coverage that is underwritten by Will UnitedHealthcare Injury and Sickness Insurance. Do anyone know if this type of insurance covers breast reduction?

Here is a link to the policy. I hope someone can help me understand it. http://www.studentccsi.com/pdf/2011_CCSI_Benefits_Schedule_and_Limitation.pdf

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Insurance Coverage

Each insurance is different with what they "authorize" but when you visit a surgeon, they can take photos and document your back pain and write a letter asking for authorization to perform surgery.  I suggest to my patients to bring in any documentation from other doctors, chiropractors, etc that can document what you are experiencing due to the large breasts.  I always send photos and a letter to the insurance company to get authorization. I don't know about your specific insurance - sorry! 

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