Would any doctors in Florida be willing to provide follow-up care for a patient who has plastic surgery in the Dominican?

Tummy tuck and breast lift after care once back in the Florida after 10 days. Possible drain and stiches removal and follow up care.

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Will a US surgeon provide aftercare for a surgery performed in another country?

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I would echo the sentiment of Dr. Palleta in the comments before mine. You will likely find someone in your town who will help you but at a cost. I usually charge $50 per visit for patients such as this.
Also, it is helpful to bring a copy of your surgery report and, if applicable, the implant record back with you.
Again, check on the total cost of having surgery in a foreign country (fees, flights, hotel, nurse, food, time away from work, etc.) as compared to a local surgeon in your area before making the final decision. Often the total cost is only a bit less and not worth the potential downside.

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Would any doctors in Florida be willing to provide follow-up care for a patient who has plastic surgery in the Dominican? Swee

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I provide after care to out of country patients at a fee. Initial to be seen fee is $500. Than each visit we charge $250, like for drain removal, suture care, etc. If more serious issues occur than fees are charged per incident. All fee are paid in advance and in cash. Thus you see there is additional risks for obtaining surgery out of country - the costs for post op care.  

Finding a local doctor for aftercare

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should be easily accomplished by simply calling the surgeons in your local phone book.  As mentioned by the other doctors, it would help immensely if you could provide a copy of the operative report and any implant information and you can expect additional out of pocket costs.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Surgery after care

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In the US the cost of surgery includes the aftercare. I suspect you can find someone to take care of you postop, but you should expect that there will be charges for the after care. Realize that the doctor that cares for you afterwards will not have the advantage of being the one that performed the surgery. When it is all said and done you probably will save very little and put your self at increased risk by having surgery in one of the poorest countries. 

John Paletta, MD
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