Is This Bulge Normal (Tummy Tuck)? (photo)

I am only 3 weeks post op from a Fleur De Lis TT w/ muscle repair after massive weight loss. 7 days in, I coughed whilst sleeping & felt a pop. I was sore the next day (nothing major). As I gained the courage to look at my new tummy in the mirror, I noticed that it has that 'pregnant' look to it. As you look at the photo you can see that it appears to be a little rounded and not flat like I had hoped. From what you can see, is this swelling or has the muscle repair been compromised?

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Abdominal bulge

At three weeks out you are still swollen. Your surgeon can tell after examining you whether there is a problem with the muscle, a collection of fluid or just normal swelling. After three months you will be closer to the final appearance. Not everyone can have a "flat" abdomen because of stored fat inside the abdominal cavity. Again, your surgeon can advise you on this.

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Is This Bulge Normal

Hard to answer based upon these photos alone. 

In addition to the two possibilities you suggest is another--that the intra-abdominal volume was too great to allow for a flat abdomen. Those contents cannot be compressed much. 

The distinction between those possibilities will have to be made in your surgeon's office--it can't be solved over the internet. 

All the best. 

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