POST-BBL & LIPOSUCTION.... What Massages Do You Recommend? How Soon? at What Exact Intervals?

I would like to have lipo of the entire the upper body (including arms & stomach) & subsequent grafting to the buttocks (BBL). For post-op ... HOW SOON do you recommend massages begin during this first week? How Many is optimal for week one? week two? subsequent weeks? what type of massages are best? lymphatic massage? deep tissue massage? other types of massages? post-op Should the masseuse be massaging the grafting fat on the buttocks as well?

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It is not recommended start early massage/ no se recomeinda comenzar temprano los masajes

you should not  start early the massage because the best should be the deepest on treated  sites (for the pain)I preferetelly LPG  except both butts.

the  LPG massage  should be no less than 12 sessions begining at 3-4 weeks afteer lypo

no deberias comenzar  temprano el  masage por el dolor, se recomienda hasta las 3 o 4 semanas de post op y del tipo profundo LPG, 12 sesiones nunca  en los gluteos

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Massage after Brazilian Buttlift

    I do not recommend massage for the fat in the buttock as too much pressure has the potential to sabotage results.  In addition, I have my patients wait 6 weeks at least before massage of the liposuctioned areas.  I want the flaps created to stick back down without having the development of seromas.  Any shear stress created on the flaps has the potential to increase the development of seromas.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Varied protocols

Each surgeon has a protocol that differs from the next. In my practice I do not perform a massage. The reason for that is I want the fat to stay in the location it was placed. A massage could potentially move the fat to a less desirable location. All other areas do not need massages because it has been liposuctioned. It does however need compression (except the buttocks)  24/7 for the first 2-3 weeks. There are no right or wrong answers or hard evidence one way or another. It is simply what works best  int he hands of individual surgeons. Speak with your plastic surgeon about his/her protocol.

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