What Are the Benefits/Risks Of Injecting Fat into Labia Majora?

I recently saw one of your BBL patients who had 100 cc injected into her labia majora. IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! What are the benefits of this procedure? (purely aesthetics? increased sexual sensation?) are there any risks? will it typically last? (I have yet to give childbirth)

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Benefits/Risks Of Injecting Fat into Labia Majora?

Thanks for the question. Fat grafting of deflated Labia Majora is a good procedure for mainly aesthetic reasons. In long term not more then 50 % of injected fat will last permanently and therefore much more fat is injected during surgery .In the first 4 weeks labia look  quite large and swollen and then slowly the swelling settles down. Up to first 3 months the loss of volume will continue and then it gets stabilized. No one ever mentioned to me that it increases the sensations however it might have in indirect effect on the man for greater sexual arousal and a kind of tightness may be produced indirectly. Intercourse is allowed in 4 weeks time. Risks involved are mainly unhappy outcome in long term and sometimes nodularity at places. However the positive side of your own fat is that unlike fillers it can not get infected.

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Labia majora fat transfer

Labia majora fat transfer is used for improving aesthetics of deflated Labia Majora. Fat grafting to the labia majora can make it look more youthful and full. To the best of our knowlegde, it does not increase sexual sensation for you, but may help your partner. Many patients add this procedure either during BBL or liposuction procedure. The results of fat transfer are usually permanent after losing about 30% to 50% of the injected volume. Plastic surgeons are experts at fat transfer. It very important to select a plastic surgeon who is good at fat transfer. Do you home work well.

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Vaginal fat grafting for labia enlargement

The specific risks and suitability of these procedures for each individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare. These can include infection, bleeding, (hematoma) , separation of the incision, changes in sensation , pain, increased sensitivity, unsatisfactory cosmetic results Generally 50% of the fat will last permanently

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Fat Grafting the Labia Majora

Fat grafting to the labia majora can make it look more youthful and full.  Approximately 50-70% of the fat that is transferred will take, but what takes will be there forever and is a permanent result.  Good luck!

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Fat Grafting to the Labia Majora

This is a great question as fat has allowed us as surgeons to do so much more for patients. Initially vaginal rejuvenation was limited to treatment of the labia minora and patients were extremely happy with the results. However this does not address the issue of the labia majora especially in patients that are older or after pregnancy.

The fat allows your surgeon to replace the fat that is lost in that area giving you a more natural and youthful appearance. The benefit of fat is that is your own natural tissue. No foreign material has to be injected for the augmentation. The fat will also last for years to come. Many patients also see that after the fat injection they have an improvement in their skin quality in the area.

It is important to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Labia majora fat augmentation in Los Angeles

Labia majora augmentation can add some volume to the labia majora and can enhance the cosmetic appearance of a deflated labia majora and can actually help enhance stimulation for both intimate partners. 

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Labia majora options

Fat grafting is a great choice if the labia majora are deflated and flat.  It may have to be repeated for the desired end result but the benefits are many including permanence and theoretical stem cell benefits.  If the labia are excessive, it can also be trimmed along the medial edge to remove excess labia.  So it really depends on your age group and the look you are desiring.  It should not help intimacy at all.

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Fat injections into the labia majora

Fat can easily be injected into the labia majora but about half of the fat will go away in a year. Therefore, the fat injections may need to be repeated.  Often, stretched out labia majora can be improved by excising some of the extra skin to make it more youthful.  Injecting large amounts of fat can cause the labia majora to be large and bulging, which can make the woman self-conscious in tight clothes.  Reducing the skin and adding some fat can be done so that the best of both procedures can be done.  


Dr. Gary Alter


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Fat Transfer to Labia Majora

    The fat transfer to the labia majora would be restorative for volume loss in that area.  I would not anticipate an improvement in sensation as sensory nerve endings in other areas are more numerous.  50% of the fat will probably survive provided that sex and other pressure is avoided over the area for six weeks or so.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Injecting Fat into Labia Majora

Vaginal rejuvenation oftens involves multiple procedures together depending on the concern of the patient.  If the labia minora (inner lips) are too large and project well beyond the labia majora, then a labiaplasty may be in order.  If the labia majora is deflated due to aging, childbirth or weight loss, then fat injections are an excellent choice for this area.  Since this is a surgical procedure, I usually reserve fat injections to the labia majora for patients undergoing some other type of surgery (i.e. labiaplasty, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.).  Sculptra Aesthetic can also be injected into the labia majora to help increase the labia "puff".  This is an off the shelf product that stimulates collagen production under the skin to increase volume.  I have not heard that volumizing the labia majora increases sexual sensation, but it does makes the woman feel more sexy.  The risks of fat injections are those of any surgery like bleeding, infection and pain.  Specific risks of fat injections are that the fat doesn't survive the grafting procedure, fat necrosis with firm nodules.  The risks of Sculptra are nodule formation under the skin.

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