HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION of Brands and Types" of BBL Post-op Compression Garments? (BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT)

I see there seems to be a great deal of variation across the board on compression garments used or recommended after BBL procedures are done. Although many PS' tend to supply their garments of choice, most do not. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT ARE YOUR INDIVIDUAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PATIENTS (BRAND, TYPE) regardless of pricing of compression garments post surgery. #2 also, I see roughly 3/4 of the ladies with garments with the buttocks cut out, and others with garments fully enclosed<< which is best?

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Compression Garments after Brazilian Buttlift

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    I typically ask patients to use adjustable garments with multiple bands so that tension can be adjusted and the areas of liposuction are less likely to get a fluid collection.   The garments typically do not cover the buttocks.  The key here is the size and the ability to tighten the garment not the brand or make.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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