After Pregnancy- Sewed Labia Minor Incorrectly?

A year ago I had a baby girl. It was natural birth, & as expected, I was torn & had to be sewn. After the okay, I had sex again-very painful & my right labia minor was almost all the time swollen. I checked it out myself & saw that the bottom half of it was sewn into my vaginal opening. What can I do about this? It's hard to be intimate while being in agony half way through.

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Painful sex after Labia "Repair"

I think there is a good chance you will be able to enjoy sex again but you first need to consult with a board certified gynecologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in labiplasty procedures.  The tissue may have been repaired such that it is getting caught during sex and this can likely be reversed surgically.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Fixing a torn labia that has arisen from trauma or childbirth

I would recommend an examination to see if the scar tissue is a scar contracture or a malpositioned labia minora.  I feel that it both situations, a labiaplasty revision would be suitable. 

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After Pregnancy- Sewed Labia Minor Incorrectly?

One year should be adequate to heal. However, a several week period of a strong cortisone cream may make it less painful.  If you have an anatomical deformity or persistent painful scar tissue, then you may need to be reconstructed.  A plastic surgeon with extensive experience in labial reconstruction should be able to help you. 


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Post baby Labia Problems

If the labia is still swollen after baby it may be that you are not healed quite enough yet.  (You didn't say how long it hasd been).  It may be that scar tissue is still tight and fresh and causing discomfort, or that there is some mismatch in the edges that will need adjusting once the healing has progressed.  I think the area will settle down for you over time.

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Labia Minora sewn incorrectly

Congrats on your baby girl.  You are not describing an uncommon occurence.  During labor and delivery there are often tears of the introitus.  The labia are extremely swollen and the normal landmarks are distorted.  If the torn segments were put together non anatomically, you will get an unnatural appearance.  The second issue to address is the pain.  You may have a scar band across the introitus which does not allow it to stretch in a normal fashion thus causing the pain.  If this is the case, a correction could solve your pain issue.  If your vagina hurts all of the time, there could be some other factors involved and you will have to work with your obstetrician to sort these out.  I would recommend that you go see a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with labiaplasty to address your concerns.

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Without an examination it is hard to give specific advice.  However, from your description it sounds like it can be addressed and corrected surgically.  Seek out a Plastic Surgeon experienced in labiaplasty and discuss your options.  Good Luck!

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