Could there be a problem with my breast implants?

I had a sub muscular breast enlargement yesterday morning. I have been experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort but even with the use of pain killers, it's worsening. My upper back is severely uncomfortable to lie on, it feels so tender and my chest feels like it's being squeezed in. Does this sound muscular or could there be something wrong with the implants? I'm taking co-codamol 2x 30/500, ibuprofen and arnica tablets but cannot sleep im in that much pain. Is this typical of a BA?

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Significant post-operative pain after breast enlargements.

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There is a wide spectrum of pain that patients experience after breast enlargements. 

I strongly advise that you now discuss your severe pain with your plastic surgeon and get back to him (her) for an examination and pain management assistance.

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Severe pain post-op

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Anytime you have severe pain, it should be checked over.  This could represent a post-op hematoma (bleeding) or some other complication.  Best to check in with your surgeon for an in-person evaluation.

Pain and post-op augmentation

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Usually pain medications will help normal post-op discomfort. If it is really severe, then it might be worth seeing your doc or calling him to review the care and to make sure you do not have a hematoma.

Steven Wallach, MD
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