I have just had rhinoplasty could you tell me if it is normal for the graft site at the back of head to become infected?

Has got sore,warm a little red.Last 2 days.amoxiclav after the op as standard procedure for 5 days.now 8 days after op.i did not wet/wash or even clean site as had packing in my ear which I did not want to get wet.There was a lot of blood in my hair i didn't wash hair coz not wanting to get nose cast and packing wet.i have managed to wash my hair after 5 days but kept water away from that site.Yesterday had stitches out,still some disolvable stitches to come off.Should I keep this area dry still?

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Signs of infection

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Any area that is warm, red and tender is possibly having an infection.  It is important to continue vigorous cleaning of the area with hydrogen peroxide or at least Soap and water and applying Vaseline Or antibiotic ointment.If it does not get better then you might need oral antibiotics as well.


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Graft donor site from ear do not often become infected

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Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, the information provided is not of sufficient detail for me to confidently decipher the exact details of your procedure.  Based on my interpretation of your narrative, I suspect that you have had an auricular cartilage graft for a rhinoplasty procedure and that you are concerned about infection at the donor site on the back of ear.   With regard to the graft donor site incision on the back of the ear, many surgeons use absorbable sutures to repair the incision.  Infection is possible but not common due to the excellent vascularity of the ear.  Minor degrees of incisional redness 8 days after surgery is more often associated with normal healing processes and usually spontaneously subside as the absorbable sutures fall off.  Every surgeon has their unique routine to cleanse the incisions.  In my practice, healing is sufficient at 8 days to permit gentle cleansing of the surgical sites.  I suggest you contact your surgeon to express your infection concerns and ask for clarification as to his/her post operative hygeine protocol.

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