Will the Swelling Go Down and Will my Tummy Look Firmer? (photo)

I am post op 2 days don't know wether I am completely happy with results as I don't feel very flat! Is this just because of swelling!

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Assessing results of tummy tuck 2 days post-op

2 days post op is way too early to assess the success or failure of tummy tuck.  At 2 days, your abdomen will be very swollen and will often look worse than pre-op.  It should get better with time.

Tummy Tuck Post Op Day 2 : Tummy Not Flat

   The tummy should not be flat 2 days after tummy tuck.  The swelling that is present this early is preventing the ability to determine the final result.  6 months is usually necessary to get an idea.

Swelling after Tummmy Tuck

You are only two days in to the recovery period.  You will have swelling.  this swelling will dramatically improve over the next several weeks.  I think at that time you will love your results.

Dr. ES

Will the Swelling Go Down

Whatever component of swelling there is will go down. Comparing with the pre-op photos, this is a dramatic improvement. Your surgeon cannot compress your intra-abdominal contents and that is what is limiting factory in the flatness you would have liked. Weight loss would give improvement. Best wishes for an uneventful recovery. 

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