What is that?? (photos)

I had a breast enlargement surgery 3 weeks ago. I had 450cc under the muscle,silocones. I noticed that thing in my left breast, and I'm so scared, are my breast bottoming out, will it get worse? I wear the bra 24/7 :(

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What is that?

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Dear GeorgiaMany thanks for posting your question. From your pictures you appear to have some visible rippling of the implant - this is nothing to worry about. 450cc implants are quite large implants and from the photos it appears that you have little soft tissue cover over the implants to hide them. This is perfectly normal, but if it bothers you, you ought to discuss it with your plastic surgeon.I hope this helps - good luck

Breast augmentation bulge

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The implant is visible beneath your breast tissue, it is probably palpable. See your plastic surgeon to best determine your placement is as good as possible. Sometimes an implant on one side needs to be lower than your inframammary fold, hence it is palpable. Good luck...

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