In the past year my 4 front teeth have begun to space apart. I have 2 gaps in my 4 front teeth. What are my options? (Photo)

In the past year my two front teeth have started to space apart I now have a small gap I also have another larger gap the other side of my front right tooth it has separated from the tooth next to it but the left front tooth dosnt have a gap basically I have two gaps in my 4 front teeth what are my options I have been treated for minor gum disease

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Recent Gaps Between Front Teeth, What are my options?

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The gaps are most likely being caused by excessive  biting pressure on your front teeth . You should first have your bite checked and adjusted to relieve the pressure areas as the gaps may continue to widen if this is not done. Your  options to correct the spacing are either Invisalign, braces,  porcelain veneers, or resin veneers (bonding).   Your two front teeth appear to be narrow. Veneers could widen your teeth and make them much more aesthetically pleasing.   I would recommend four veneers and a bite adjustment  for best results. 

To Remove Teeth Gap

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You can try invisalign braces treatment to remove the gap between the teeth. As invisalign is much more convenient as compare to metal braces. 

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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