No weight loss or inch loss after Tummy Tuck (TT). Is this normal? (photos)

I had my TT on 6th jan with a few complications, one being a hematoma which has since stopped being drained and the other delayed healing with my incision, still open at one end but dressing it frequently. I haven't lost any weight or inches. I haven't gone down dress sizes, whereas other woman have. What's gone wrong?

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No weight loss or inch loss after tummy tuck, is this normal? (PHOTO)

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Thank you very much for your photograph and your message. Unfortunately after a tummy tuck you often do not lose a significant amount of weight from your tummy unless your muscles have been repaired.
If your muscles have been repaired we would expect your waist to be slightly narrower and tighter.
A tummy tuck normally addresses the excess loose skin on the lower part of the tummy but often this is below your waist and will not affect your waist dimensions.
Overall you look to have healed very well following your surgery and I think you have a good result from this. 

Weight After Tummy Tuck

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After having body contouring surgery it is fairly common to even gain some weight in the immediate postoperative period secondary to swelling and fluid retention.  This improves with time and resumption of a healthy and active lifestyle.  Once you are cleared by your surgeon you will need to start a diligent exercise program to make your result look even better.  The weight will come off but takes time. Good luck.  

Gaurav Bharti

Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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No weight loss or inch loss after Tummy Tuck

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Many thanks for the question.This is seen many times since there is some water retention after this surgery.This is perfectly normal result and one should be happy with it.Your pre op breast and post op breast result is remarkable.On the whole I will rank high your surgeron.If he conducted some liposucion then perhpaes in time it will show more recontouring.I dont know what was the committment between you and your PS.

Results after tummy tuck

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Thanks for sharing your photos.

It appears that your abdominal contour is improved, significant weight loss early after tummy tuck is not necessarily guaranteed.  In fact, most patients tend to lose weight several months later after they resume a normal exercise program.  When healed and returned to activity most patients find they can do more exercise more efficiently and they tend to lose weight then.  Stay committed to a positive lifestyle and I think you will start to see the dividends.

Steven M. Camp, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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No weight loss or inch loss after Tummy Tuck (TT). Is this normal?

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Appears as you had full TT, breast implant+ lifting. Results looks OK Sop start weight lose... Surgery is NOT for weight correction! 

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