Do I 'have' to wear a sports or surgical bra after my BA?

Hi, I had anatomical breast implants 8 days ago & EVERY bra is irritating me terribily, I have tried at least 8 styles & a few in different sizes. The cups are wireless but all have stitched piping which pushes into my blood encrusted steri strips. When I take the bras off I have red marks where they've dug in, I've tried going up in band size but then I have baggy cups even if I reduce the cup size in a bigger band size bra. I am taking it easy with them :)

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Post-op surgical bra

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Every surgeon recommends different post-op instructions. Best to ask you surgeon what he prefers. I usually place patients in a sports bra.

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Bras and breast augmentation

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HI there

thanks for your question

I am sorry you seem to be having so many problems with bras. This is quite unusual as most girls will find a sports bra that is quite comfortable and supportive.

The most important thing is to get a bra with the right cup size - snug fitting and supportive. Often it will be the back strap that is then the issue - look on the internet for an extension piece and you will find this will usually do the trick

Good luck!

Post operative bras after breast augmentation

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Hi Lilpeach

There are two schools of thought on bras after breast augmentation.

The first school makes a larger pocket and uses the bra to help stabilise the implant whilst the body heals the pocket down to the implant and chest wall. Most surgeons default to this even if they believe that they operation is closer to thought 2 (below) as being a belt and braces approach.

The second thought process is that the surgeon creates the pocket tight and perfect for the implant. In which case, the bra is probably irrelevant. There are certainly some high profile (and very accomplished) breast augmentation surgeons that advocate no bras at all for 6-8 weeks!!

The most important things to do are:-

1. Don't wear any bras with underwire until you are instructed that it is ok by your surgeon

2. Don't do any exercise that results in pectoral (chest) contractions or chest movement (such as running) until it is ok by your surgeon.

As always, this is something you should discuss with your surgeon and his staff.

Good luck with your recovery

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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