I'm wanting to know how to minimise the appearance of stretch marks from a BA and if I'm more likely to develop them?

I'm having my BA -I'm 23 years old, 5ft 8 and around 8.5 stone. Thinking of going with 325/350 cc under the muscle high profile from a 32AA. I don't currently have any stretch marks on my breasts however I gym a lot and for some reason have developed them on my legs, does this mean I'm quite likely to get them as I have them elsewhere? Is there anything I can do pre-op to prepare for this and do you recommend anything in particular? Thank you very much in advance.

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Breast augmentation and stretch marks

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Thank you for your question.

There are certainly patients who are more prone to stretch marks. The presence of marks on your legs may be an indication that you could be more at risk of developing marks with breast augmentation.

However, in my experience, unless you already have stretch marks on your breasts, you are unlikely to develop them from breast augmentation alone.

I have seen patients who have become pregnant following augmentation develop stretch marks. I believe
this is due to further rapid increases in breast size and hormonal influences in susceptible women, which
damages the skin.

I hope that helps!

Stretch Marks

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Thank you for your question. Stretch marks due to breast augmentation are rare in my experience however if you know that you are prone to them it may be possible. The sizes you refer to are not really large so overall I think your risk would be minimal.

All the best

Stretch marks after Breast enlargement

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Hi there and thanks for your question

Stretch marks are due to rapid stretching od skin beyond it's elastic capacity causing a tearing of the deep dermis (Deeper layers of the skin).  The implant sizes you are considering are not huge and most breasts can accommodate them without resulting in stretch marks.

If you want to minimize the risk, it may help to moisturize the skin well before and after surgery with a good quality emollient, containing vitamin E.  Whilst there is no strong evidence to support this, anecdotally, there are those who have used this approach with pregnancy who have reported good results.

I hope that helps

Kind regards

Dr Mark Hanikeri MBBS, FRACS
Perth Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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