What should I do next regarding my unwanted facial hair?

I decided to have laser treatment. I had 7 treatments in total but unfortunately it hasnt worked, during the course of treatment the growth slowed, but there was never any less hair or any areas that didnt grow back. I went to my g.p to ask to check my hormone levels, he was reluctant but did a blood test and i was told "normal" but maybe loosing a few lbs of weight would help, (i am not massively over weight) i did anyway. But to no avail. I have now heard of a new treatment called SHR

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What should I do next regarding my unwanted facial hair?

Thanks for your question and we always recommend that you have a consultation with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  Also, realize that not all laser removal results in loss of all of one’s hair – it is reduction over time and associated with many factors, and yes, in most cases the hormone levels are normal. What we want is reduction over time – and if you are not seeing this with one device, another may be appropriate, depending on your skin color and hair color and density.  Again, the right consultation will help here.

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Laser Hair Removal – Hair Coming Back -- Takes a series of treatments, SHR

Normally, it takes at least three to six sessions to remove hair permanently, so you might simply need more. Have you taken before and after photos so you can compare density of hair? It not, do so before your next session. SHR uses light and movement to remove hairs. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Hair not going away with laser

It's not just the device which could be the problem, there are parameters and techniques too for best hair removal. Keep in mind that very fine, lighter hairs, cannot be treated very well. I frequently have patients say these hairs are coarse and they are not. In any event, another opinion/facility might be worth trying.

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