Underarm fat; what should I do?

Hi I am still trying to find a solution to my underarm fat. I had a scan and they say it's only fat. And seems to have gotten bigger since last year cause I have put on some wait. What's the best solution pls

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Underarm fat solutions?

Greetings! Underarm fat is a problem for many individuals due to weight loss/gain and advanced age. The hanging skin that develops in the area is problematic, but can be treated with plastic surgery. For years now, I have used the posterior approach to the arm lift which has a lower pain level and a speedier recovery, in my opinion, than the frontal approach.  I also use a long-acting anesthetic called Exparel and stopped using pain pumps years ago because Exparel seems more effective and requires no tubes for it to work. The scar in the posterior approach can be hidden nicely in the back of the arm and is less visible. See my link below for a view of before and after photos of posterior arm lift surgery.

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Underarm fat; what should I do?

Thank you for the question. My best suggestion: achieve your long-term stable weight. Then, if you continue to have concerns about your upper arm appearance, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your concerns/options.  Depending on your examination, liposuction surgery or arm lifting may be indicated.   Arm lifting surgery tends to be indicated when patients have significant redundant skin/adipose tissues of the upper arms. You may find the attached  link helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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