What Type of Liposuction Would Be Best for my Abdomen? (photo)

Hello I am 21years old and I have been looking into getting liposuction for three years because I want to have a small waist. I'm currently 180 lbs and 5'6. I have had my initial consultation with two professionals and I have been offered tumescent liposuction and or body jet liposuction. I was told that if I do tumescent then my skin would be quite saggy in my abdomen and inner thighs. What do you think is best? I do not want to do a tummy tuck as I plan on having children in 10 years.

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What Type of Liposuction Would Be Best for my Abdomen?

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Sorry to say your expectations as to results posted are very unrealistic. You can obtain an improvement with any form of liposuction bUT nit to the extent of the desired posted photos. Might recommend exercise and weight loss of 30 pounds first. 

Tumescent Liposuction is Okay

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Thank you for your pictures.  You will do fine with tumescent liposuction.  You are young and your skin should firm up nicely after liposuction.  Seek consultation from several BC PS.

Dr. ES

What Type of Liposuction Would Be Best for my Abdomen?

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          Localized fatty deposition can be improved with liposuction and your shape can be dramatically improved with the right surgeon.  Liposuction results are highly surgeon dependent.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA


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It is very difficult to say if liposuction would help. If your skin quality is poor, then liposuction will only make your skin sag more.  Best to be seen in person to be properly evaluated.

In getting good results after liposuction, the operator matters much more than the equipment.

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I would recommend that you have liposuction of the abdomen and flanks simultaneously.  It is unusual for me to perform liposuction of the abdomen alone without trimming down the love handle areas.  This helps give you the smallest waist and accentuates your hourglass figure.  You may consider having other areas treated (lower body, arms and underarms).  Have a look at some examples on my website if you like.  I've attached a link.  The most important consideration is your surgeon, not necessarily the type of equipment he or she uses (the hand holding the instrument is more important than the instrument).  I use a superwet injection, which is a form of tumescent but just not as much fluid.  In terms of skin tightness, a lot of claims are made that certain equipment offers tighter skin.  None of it is proven.  I use ultrasound and think that it possibly helps by minimizing tissue trauma and letting the skin recoil better, but that is not proven and I would not criticize someone who does not use ultrasound (like me 20 years ago).  An important judgment call is in how aggressive to be.  Too aggressive and the skin will sag and be irregular.  This is why experience is so important on the part of the surgeon and there is no substitute.  Insist on seeing at least 10 before and after photos that you like. 

Liposuction options

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  I think it is important to note that no two bodies are alike and therefore you may not be able to achieve the exact proportions of the desired photos you have provided.  With that said you do have excess fat around your waist.  Since you are young and have good skin tone your skin should bounce back after liposuction.  The type of liposuction is not as important as the plastic surgeon that is performing it.  If done well you should have improved contour with little or no irregularity as your final result.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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I would not recommend liposuction at all.

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I think you will be disappointed with liposuction given the photos you posted.  The two young ladies with the narrow waists are  built very differently than you are.  No surgery is likely going to give you their waistlines.

Liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise and I honestly think you would benefit more by dropping your weight the old fashioned way.  Also, the decrease in your fat thickness would be gradual and your chance of having sagging skin would be less. 

What type of liposuction would be best for my abdomen?

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There are various types of liposuction techniques.  Tumescent solution is the solution we inject and nowadays with almost every type of modality, the tumescent solution will be injected during liposuction.  The types of liposuction can be the regular liposuction basically injected in the tumescent solution and then waiting for 15 minutes and doing the liposuction.  The second type is ultrasound-assisted liposuction.  After the tumescent solution is injected, the fat is exposed to ultrasound energy to melt it and then this is suctioned out.  The 3rd type is SmartLipo or laser-assisted liposuction.  This is basically similar to ultrasound-assisted liposuction.  Instead of ultrasound, laser energies are used.  Other than that, there are body-jet liposuction or vibration-assisted liposuction.  Basically, one uses vibration to break the fat to make the liposuction easier and the other one uses a water jet to break the fat and make the liposuction easier.  Regardless what technique is used, I think as long as you do have an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, you should be able to achieve a good result considering that you are young and as far as I can see from the photograph.

Liposuction on the waistline - Los Angeles

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I would recommend liposculpture techniques to define your abdomen and flanks.  You seem to have good skin tone. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

It's not the lipo machine that's important

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You are a candidate for liposuction of both the abdomen and flanks.  I wouldn't suggest doing just the abdomen.

And honestly, it's really not the machine that makes the difference - it's the surgeon.  Both water-jet or tumescent liposuction will work well, in the hands of an expert.  Both remove fat effectively.

Select a board-certified plastic surgeon that has a great deal of liposuction experience and who has result photos that you like.

In the meantime, carry on with your efforts in the diet & exercise departments.


All the best!

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