Tummy tuck with loss of skin and infection. Please help? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction on the 2nd of september in belgium. I was given amoxicillin antibiotics to help clear up any infections from the clinic in belgium. When i came back from belgium and was checked by the nurse and docter, they gave me fluxocillin antibiotics for the skin infection. I have finished the course of seven days, but i am still worried, is the area around my belly button going to heal as it is white and red.

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That area needs some debridement by the surgeon.  You can then keep it clean and moist and it will eventually heal.  If you don't like the scars 6-12 months after, they can be revised.  If you are still having symptoms of infection, you may still need more antibiotics.  Make sure you are following up with your doctor regularly. 

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