Do I really need a tummy tuck of will lipo suffice? (Photo)

I have had 2 children and been left with the "jelly belly" as a result. I have seen a surgeon to organise liposuction however he has informed me that a tummy tuck is the best way forward due to the separation in my abs from the pregnancies. Can I ask for additional opinions as to whether the tummy tuck is necessary as I am very nervous about the risks and the scarring. Thank you!

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Do I really need a tummy tuck of will lipo suffice?

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Thank you for your question and photo, the best is for you to have full tummy tuck whıch will give give you your desried results however ıt ıs best to consult your surgeon before you finalize anything.

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Bulging of the abdomen

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There's really only one way to correct bulging of the abdomen from pregnancy, and that's with a tummy tuck. Physical therapy and lipo would be equally ineffective for this.That's because the muscles are separated and just won't be able to come back together without a corset repair.Hard to tell from just a side profile view, but I would investigate a tummy tuck with yet another surgeon and get a better sense of your options.

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