Tumescent Liposuction after Menopause: Menstruating after procedure.

I had Tumescent Microlipo liposuction on my abdomen 10 days ago and have now started menstruating fairly heavily. I have been through menopause being aged 55 and have not had a period for 14 months. Can the drugs during (anaesthetic injected into abdomen) and after (antibiotics) used bring on menstruation? I was also wondering whether this is a one off or whether it will occur again as I am uncertain how long these drugs remain in the body.

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Stress of surgery

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The stress of the surgery changes your hormones.  This will likely stop soon.  Check in with your gynecologist.


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Liposuction and the drugs did not cause your bleeding. Those women who still have cycles might notice a change in their period right after surgery due to the stress of surgery. I would suggest calling your gyn or family doctor and asked to be seen.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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