What treatment/s will banish my cellulite, tighten my skin, and slim my abdomen? (photos)

I wish to: 1) banish the cellulite from my bottom and from the inner and back areas of my thighs 2) tighten the skin on my back 3) lose abdominal flab while keeping the skin tight so as to avoid having sagging skin. I have just finished a course of radiofrequency on my bottom and a course of both radiofrequency and ultrasound (Lipofirm Plus) on my abdomen but have not seen any improvements. I also had a tummy tuck in July 2012. I will be 41 in January Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Cellulite, tighten my skin, and slim my abdomen

There is no single answer to your question. Non-invasive treatments should work but take multiple treatments. In addition, not all devices work the same for all patients. You may consider SmoothShapes, which should help smooth the skin. In terms of tightening, InMode has a device called RFAL that is very promising. it is invasive but not like liposuction. At your age, ultrasonic liposuction should provide skin tightening and a reduction in couture in one treatment. 

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Addressing Cellulite and Tightening Abdominal Tissues

Thank you very much for your question and photographs. It may be too early in your recovery period to assess the results from your recent radiofrequency procedures. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the best set of techniques for your situation without an in-person examination. I recommend that you talk to a board certified plastic surgeon. He/she will perform a physical exam and review your surgical history, then create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your aesthetic desires.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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