Best treatment for double crease & drooping buttocks? Had vaser lipo 7 years ago. Gaining or losing weight has no effect (Photo)

Contacted surgeon who did initial lipo and he said fat transfer back to crease will not work in this area and he will not perform it. Another surgeon says implants n fat transfer will improve overall projection/look of buttock and F/T will improve but not remove crease. Am also considering excision of skin at crease and posterior thigh lift, but am not reading good reviews. I see this as a deformity, has affected me for too long. Please advise on best procedure!

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Buttock Crease

Liposuction of the upper thigh just below the buttock causes a double crease or multiple creases.Correction should first be with fat transfer to the buttock crease. It requires a lot of fat, from 200-400 cc each side. I have corrected this in the past.Last resort is direct excision  of the  buttock crease. The scat is under tension and very visible and very difficult to heal  because of tension and sitting

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Lower Buttock Lift

You are correct in that only direct excision of skin under the infragluteal fold and lifting will have any change of getting rid of the skin ell below the fold area. While this does create a linear scar in the infragluteal fold, as long as it does not extend too far to the side it is not that visible.

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