I had a Tissue Expander put in 8 years ago due to a size difference, it's still in should I have had another op?

o i had one tissue expander put in when i was 18 i an now 26.. If i remember correctly i was told after puberty etc they would re do them.. I still have the expander in... Is this unusal that i still have one in is meant to be a temporary thing

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Tissue Expander

Thank you very much for your question.

I do understand your concern and technically the expanded is not supposed to be a permanent solution.

If you are happy with size and shape achieved with the expanders during the last eight years you could easily change them for some implants.

Expanders tend to deflate with time and change their shape. Swapping them with the right implants should keep your result for longer, probably improve it and certainly with lower chances of incidents.

I would recommend to discuss your case with a board certified plastic surgeon with long experience in breast surgery and that can show you pleanty of before&after pictures.

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery,

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