Any tips to help speed up growth of eyebrow transplant?

i had an eyebrow transplant in Miami 2 years ago, I had some patches and went back for a touch up procedure 4 months ago. the hairs are starting to grow now however I do have some small patches which im sure will grow in time. I was hoping someone could give me information on some products I could use to help with the growth and speed it along? I have read up on Latisse would this work on transplanted eyebrows?

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Few tips aside from use of consistent minoxidil applied with a q-tip nightly:

1.  gentle massaging with a coconut or vitamin e oil, 5 minutes 2-3 times weekly.  Wash the oil off afterwards.
2.  use of a .5mm needle roller 2-3 times weekly, 5 minutes at a time.  Wash the brows before/after. 
3.  with minoxidil, key is consistency.  If the use of it is inconsistent, it will delay your growth.

Good luck!

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I generally recommend patients use latisse and sometimes rogaine postoperatively on eyebrow transplants.  Its best to discuss with your doctor and see what their recommendations are.

Amir Yazdan, MD
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