Thrombosis after breast augmentation can it happen?

I have varicose veins on my left leg and its hurt sometimes ( like muscle pain after workout) and Im worried about thrombosis after surgery I have an appoitment with my ps so definitely tell him everything ,but what they can do..? I need extra care or what gonna happen?

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Blood clots in legs and surgery

Yes, it is possible to have a vein thombosis after any surgery. There are risk factors which your PS  can discuss with you.  The type of surgery and  the length of time under anesthesia are  major  considerations. Fortunately, breast augmentation  can be performed relatively quickly with  very early ambulation ! Do not  discuss your personal and family medical history in detail.  

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Thrombosis or DVT After Breast Augmentation

Yes, thrombosis after a breast augmentation is possible. Thrombosis after ANY procedure is possible. Be thorough and accurate when relating your both your personal and family medical history to your plastic surgeon. Also, make sure your plastic surgeon completes a risk assessment form for your personalized risk of thrombosis. The one aspect in your control, other than giving an accurate personal and family medical history, is to ambulate early and often (with assistance as needed) after surgery. Best of luck.

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Thrombosis after surgery

Thank you for your question.  There are risks to any surgery.  Your surgeon will review these with you.   During surgery several precautions are done to prevent clots (SCD's, injections) as well as encouraging early ambulation after surgery.   Be sure to discuss all your concerns with your surgeon.  Best of luck to you.

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Risk of Thrombosis in Breast augmentation

The rate of deep vein thrombosis as 1-2% in plastic surgery.

There are other risk factors that would increase the likelihood of thrombosis during surgery:

  • varicose veins (vv) (prevalence is 5.6% in patients with vv relative to 0.9% in patients w/out vv)
  • general anesthesia
  • undergoing abdominoplasty or belt lipectomy
  • length of procedure
  • obesity
  • pregnancy (< 1 month post-partum)
  • previous cardiac events (e.g., stroke, or heart attack) - among others

Your surgeon will do a risk assessment and if you are a high risk patient, then you surgeon may have you wear elastic stockings, or a pneumatic compression machine to improve blood circulation in the legs and calves. They may also have you take blood thinners such as heparin.

All this being said, since breast augmentation is a short procedure, it has minimal risk of thrombosis.

Hope this answers your question.

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Varicose veins - at risk for blood clot after breast augmentation?

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • Blood clots after surgery are usually related to very lengthy surgery or not being up and around after surgery.
  • A breast augmentation is not a lengthy surgery.
  • But it is important to be out of bed and moving without much pain when you have varicose veins
  • What you can do is to have your surgeon inject your chest muscle with a long lasting anesthetic, Exparel
  • This hugely reduces the pain of breast augmentation.
  • Another option is to have your veins evaluated before surgery -
  • You may just have one minor superfical varicosity that poses no health problem or can easily be injected and sealed.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Thrombosis after breast augmentation can it happen?

Thank you for your question. Breast augmentation operation is performed in order to increase the size of breast. Size and shape of breasts can often play a critical role in a woman’s self-esteem. Fuller and bigger breasts are often associated with reproducibility therefore it is a desired condition. There are different kinds of breast augmentation operation types. Breast augmentation can be performed either with breast implants or autologous fat transfer. There are also different types of breast implants like teardrop or round implants. These implants also can be placed under or above the muscle. As you can imagine there are several different options for breast augmentation. The best way to understand which one is more suitable for you is to get a physical examination by a plastic surgeon.

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