Thrombosed vein after mini arm lift.

I had a mini arm lift over a month ago, under local anaesthetic, during which I felt strong electrical currents pass all along my arm down to the fingers. Now that the swelling and bruising have subsided, I have a thrombosed vein along the inside of my arm, which feels like a cord under the skin. This is very painful. especially on extending and raising my arm. I'm hesitant to ask my surgeon the following: Could this have been caused by the electrical currents ? How long will it take to resolve ?

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Painful thrombosed vein?

Thanks for asking this question again. Certainly the clotting is likely related tot he surgery. However, without a full examination we do not know if this is a vein or swollen connective tissue. These can look similar to the untrained eye. I think you need to see your plastic surgeon for an appropriate diagnosis and to be sure this is not something more serious like thrombophlebitis. Best of luck, Dr. ALDO

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Thrombosed vein after arm lift

Thank you for your question about your arm lift.

Yes, a cautery used to seal off veins is one way in which a vein can be thrombosed.  Veins and nerves often travel together through the body and your nerve pain at the time is consistent with this. That said, veins can thrombose from nearby surgery for other reasons. Don't be afraid to ask your surgeon - if s/he is any good, s/he will be interested and concerned by what you tell her/him and may be able to answer your question.

Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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