Teosyal Kiss lumps will they go down? Not painful or hard but they make my lip look uneven; isn't very noticeable (Photos)

Can someone tell me will these lumps go down naturally? Teosyal kiss injected 1 week ago. soft lump under lip is making my filler look slightly uneven (it isn't noticeable to other people but I know it's there!)

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Teosyal Results

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Hi there,

Teosyal Kiss or any other lip filler causes some swelling in the lips which can take about two weeks to subside. I would wait another week to allow the product to settle in. If the bumps do not go away at about 3 weeks, then you can go back to your performing injector and have them reduced with #Hyaluronidase. 

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Bumps in Lips

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Typically it takes about 2 weeks for lips to settle and for the swelling to go down.  If the bumps are still there after 2 weeks you can have them softened with hyaluronidase.

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