Any suggestions on Tattoo excision?

Hello realself community! I have a tattoo approx 6cm long by 6cm wide. Many sessions with picosure lasers have failed due to the colours involved. I'm hoping to get it excised (I'm desperate in fact) but I'm worried the surgeon will say he can't do it as its on my lower leg. It will be staged excision I'm sure but as long as it's possible I'll be happy. Does any one know if it's possible? Any info will be great. Really I'm looking for reassurance that it's possible

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Resistant tattoo

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Thanks for your question. Picosecond lasers still fail to remove some tattoos. I don't know what colors you have but you might need a Ruby laser to remove bright colors. There are laser systems with higher peak power than the picpsecond systems, Such as the Astanza Trinity. The ruby laser can also remove resisyant black ink. I would exhaust that first before considering surgery and scarring.
Lisa Vuich, MD

Nashua Physician
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