Is this swelling or is it just bigger?? (photos)

Breast reduction

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Swelling or Asymmetry?

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Thanks for your photo and question.  You do not indicate how far out from your surgery that you are, but it appears that you are still in the healing stages. It is not uncommon to have asymmetric swelling early after the procedure.  I suspect that things will improve as you heal. I generally advise my patients to wait at least 6 months until making a final assessment.  Discuss your concerns with your PS, as he/she is the best qualified to  answer your question.  Best Regards

Post op

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hiIt is difficult to see from a photo but it does look like the left is a bit bigger.It could be just a bit of swelling, or a small haematoma or a disparity in size.If you are worried contact your surgeonGood luck

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