Swallowing difficulty developed 3 days after Botox. Any suggestions?

I had botox injected for the first time (by a medically professional) approximately 6 days ago - to combat forehead and frown lines. The brand was either Azzallure or Botox - it has slipped my mind which type the doctor ended up using as I was nervous at the time. The doctor is away at the moment and I won't get a chance to speak to him for another 2 weeks. From about the 3rd day onwards I have experienced difficulty swallowing and a sensation that my throat is closing. Is this a possible side effect?

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Side Effects of Botox


Thank you for your question. I'd recommend booking an appointment with your physician. 

All the best.

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Botox and side Effects

There have been reports of Botox spreading to other parts of the body. I would definitely return to your treating physician for examination and if he or she is unavailable then you should consult an expert to see if the problem is from Botox or from something else.  Best, Dr. Green

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Swallowing difficulties after Botox

Difficulties with swallowing 3 days after Botox to the forehead is unlikely related. If your airway feels compromised, call your physician

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