Would a non surgical Rhinoplasty be suitable for my nose? (Photo)

I have never been brave enough to have a surgical rhinoplasty but my friend suggested non surgical. I have a large Hump and it's generally quite big. Would fillers work to smooth out the bump and change the shape slightly? I'm a bit worried that I will end up with it Looking huge. I hate my side profile though so if it could improve that then it would be amazing! Advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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Would a non surgical Rhinoplasty be suitable for my nose?

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Hello emzed - Thanks for your question. I think that you would do well with nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  It can be used strategically to fill in the hollow (radix) above the hump on your nose.  I would recommend a mild under-correction to avoid looking to full between the eyes.  I recommend that you see an injection specialist with lots of experience in nonsurgical rhinoplasty to have the procedure performed.  Please be aware that the radix is an area that needs to be carefully injected because it is near a blood supply that also shares commonality with the blood vessels to the eye.  There is a very small chance of blindness if injections are performed incorrectly.Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Non surgical nose job options

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Thank you for the question and photos.  Filler added to the beginning part of the nose near the eyebrows would  soften the appearance of the nasal hump.  However, the overall projection and length of the nose is really more suitable to a surgical rhinoplasty.  You can start, if you would like, with a mild non surgical nose job and then re-evaluate a surgical nose job down the road.  May want to consider Juviderm which lasts 6 months or so since a longer lasting filler may not be warranted for you if you end up deciding for a surgical nose shaping procedure.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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