Surgery is tomorrow. Excited but so nervous. Anyone have last minute tips with regards to recovery after rhinoplasty? (Photos)

Does anyone have any last minute tips with regards to recovery after rhinoplasty?

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Recovery after rhinoplasty

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I recommend reviewing your surgeon's pre- and post-operative instructions and making sure you have ready any supplies you may require in the next few days.  Some recommended things to have may include:  your filled prescription medications, soft foods, cold packs/ frozen peas, gauze, cotton-tipped applicators/ q-tips, a decongestant nasal spray, a saltwater nasal spray, some comfortable pillows.  A great care-taker will also go a long way towards good comfort in the early stages of your recovery.  Studies show that your favorite music may have a favorable effect on lessening discomfort and speeding recovery after surgery.  Maintain a positive attitude, and follow your surgeon's recommendations.  Best of luck!

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Pre op nerves

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The simulation looks realistic and achievable .

You will no doubt see your surgeon just before you go into surgery so they will reassure you that recovery is simple and straightforward after rhinoplasty and they should give their preferred post op care instructions

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